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Gilbert High School Bands


Gilbert High School Band Program is a comprehensive program consisting of a marching band, concert bands, jazz band, a percussion ensemble, color guard, and various chamber ensembles. Students in the Gilbert Band must be active members of both marching band and concert band. Our students participate in any and all SCBDA sponsored events, as well as various collegiate workshops and band clinics. Among these events are: All-Region, All-State, Jazz, Solo and Ensemble, USC Band Clinic, Winthrop Band Clinic, just to name a few. It is the goal of the Gilbert Band Program to earn Outstanding Performance Award each and every year. With Students actively and properly participating in all aspects of band, we will achieve our goal of consistent superiority. 


Marching Band


The marching band consists of all instrumental music students in the Gilbert Band Program. Marching season starts 2 to 3 weeks prior to school with camp. It is during this camp that the years' competition show is learned, therefore attendance is mandatory. Following camp, the band rehearse 3 days a week after school until the beginning of November. performances for this ensemble include but are not limited to football games, competitions, and parades. The ultimate goal of the marching band is to provide entertainment and a sense of pride to the community of Gilbert. It is also our goal to successfully compete in local, regional, and national festivals and competitions such as SCBDAState Marching Finals. 


Color Guard/Winter Guard

The Color Guard performs with the Gilbert Marching Band. Attendance requirements are the same as that of the instrumental marching band members. This is a class offered at Gilbert High School and all students participating in the Color Guard are expected to schedule the class. Auditions are held in the spring and membership will be determined by ability, and a clean discipline record. Winter Guard will be held in the spring. Students wishing to participate in the Winter Guard must audition, be current on band fees if applicable, and not have previously quit Color Guard, Winter Guard, or Band. 


Concert Bands

Concert season begins in November, immediately following marching season. The Gilbert band is split into two separate classes. 

Concert Band - The band's primary focus is continued development of basic musical skills. Students in this band must work to increase their musical knowledge. This group performs at various festivals and concert competitions. The Concert Band performs primarily Grade II and III music with an emphasis on rhythmic exercises, sight-reading, and a concept of balance and blend. Any fall athlete not able to participate in marching band will be automatically placed into this band. Students in the Concert Band receive CP cedit. 

Symphonic Band - This is the top concert band at Gilbert High School. Students in this band must excel on their chosen instrument. This class in determined by audition and/or placement. The group performs at various festivals and competitions. The Symphonic Band performs primarily Grade IV and V music with an emphasis on performance and rehearsal techniques. Students in Symphonic Band may receive Honors Credit. 

Festival/Honor Band - In years that Gilbert High School does not have enough students to compete a Symphonic and Concert Band, an Honor Band format will be used. This band will be open to all instrumentalists in the Gilbert Band Program. Criteria for selection will be communicated to students at the beginning of the school year. The criteria for this ensemble may include but is limited to grades, behavior, schedule, attendance, ability, level, ect.

Gilbert High School concert bands hold several concerts throughout the year. Participation in all concerts is required. Yearly, the Symphonic Band or Honor Band attends the SCBDA Concert Festival and performs for a panel of judges to receive a rating. Occasionally, the Concert Band with attend Concert Festival depending on the strength of the band. Students are issued comprehensive folders and are required to properly maintain them.


Jazz Band  

The Gilbert High School Jazz Band is offered as a twilight class once marching season is over. Participation in this class requires a recommendation from the director and possibly an audition.Superior sight-reading skills are needed to be a part of this ensemble. The Jazz Band performs at various town functions, school events, and jazz festivals throughout the year including the SCBDA Jazz Festival. Students in the Jazz Band may receive an Honors Credit.  

Percussion Ensemble

The Gilbert High School Percussion Ensemble is a class offered during the spring semester. Participation in this band class requires a recommendation from the Director and possibly an audition. The Percussion Ensemble performs at various town functions, school events, and festivals throughout the school year. Honors Credit is available to students meeting a high school standard or percussion performance

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